Company profile

We are a leading wholesale distributor of packaging products based in the Czech Republic, servicing customers in Europe.

Our customers are of the utmost importance. They drive everything we do. We take a genuine interest in meeting their individual requirements and offer a complete consulting service that combine packaging development process and implementation to achieve desired results.
We offer a wide range of products, such as recyclable, compostable, and reusable packaging, paper products, food-quality film, bags, sacks, luxury catering utensils, Greengood composters, and much more.

We source our suppliers globally based on their ability to fulfil our demands for excellence and mutual collaboration. Our aim is to ensure they offer a seamless supply of quality and innovative products with reliable delivery at the most competitive prices within the industry.

If you are looking for packaging material to create a great branded experience for your customers, call our friendly staff to discuss your packaging requirements, and you can rest assured that you are in the hands of the best in the industry.


We introduce a new service of a low scale printing. We are able to provide individual printing in small quantities for most of the paper packaging from our offer, especially pizza boxes, paper carrier bags, food bags and others. Such tailor-made solutions are highly appreciated by our customers and we are once again moving one step closer to the needs of our clients.
GreenGood composter won the Innovation of the Year 2023 award for a significant reduction in electricity consumption, as well as the Visionary of the Year 2023 award for combining technologies for automatic sorting of gastro-waste and subsequent composting. GreenGood technology is a central solution for municipalities and entire cities with a capacity from 5 to 500 tons. The obtained compost is possible to sell on the market, thereby ensuring the closure of the nutrient cycle.

Our company also became the exclusive distributor of Socamel technology, which ensures compliance with the prescribed temperatures of food distributed in hospitals, social facilities, etc. Our first success was installation of this technology - in the Home for the elderly Světlo in Písek.
We exhibit at foreign trade fairs and increase our share of exports to EU countries, introducing a wider range of recyclable, compostable, and reusable packaging, also becoming the market leader in the sphere of waste solutions for the food and drink industry with our composting process. Our unique GreenGood technology is already well known and we are able to obtain registration for organic fertiliser for our resulting substrate.
We significantly expand the range of compostable and environmentally friendly packaging and strengthen work teams in all departments. Accompanied, naturally enough, by the expansion of office space and warehouse space.

We present the company and its products at trade fairs in the Czech Republic and abroad and continue to expand into countries all over Europe, this time even more intensively from a commercial point of view.
Our ambition has become a reality. Our business has expanded further across Europe. We are growing and developing new customer portfolios. Our warehouse capacity now exceeds 8000 m2.

We are now investing in modern logistics technology, reinforcing our marketing team and corporate governance.
In the past 3 years, we have seen rapid corporate growth and tremendous success, which has also led to many new challenges. We give much attention to building modern administrative offices and showrooms along with extending our logistics centre by another 2000 m2.
We are very happy and proud to have established partnership with Oklin International, a leading expert in transforming food waste into nutrient-rich soil in a very short time. We have become the exclusive importer of fantastic Greengood machines, which are launched and presented in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

A wide range of industries, such as restaurants, schools, supermarkets and hotels can all benefit from food waste treatment solutions.
To meet growing customer demand, we are excited to announce the opening of our new warehouse, which enables us to merge into one centralized logistic facility.
We are keen on good corporate culture. Since 2007, we have devoted time to implementing a new Quality Management System. Moreover, a new online shop is opened showing us new ways of doing things and of connecting with customers.

Environmental sustainability matters more than ever before. We are motivated to take action by adopting a more environment-friendly policy and innovating our products.
It is essential to work closely with foreign suppliers, represent innovative designs and create a good impression. We are happy to put up striking exhibition stands, which stand out at shows like Embaxprint and SALIMA and bring in new customers.
Our business continues to grow and, as a result, we move to new larger premises in Praha-Říčany. We benefit from new modern offices along with showrooms and a logistics centre.
The new millennium brings us strong confidence and considerable optimism, as we continue to build a successful and prosperous company. Our product portfolio is substantially extended, allowing us to offer customers more diversity.
Big increase in customer demand for customised products drives us to look for top performing suppliers in foreign markets. We have become incorporated as a private limited company.
From the very beginning, we have had a clear vision of what we want to accomplish. Our goal is to build a company with a wide range of products, brilliant service and professional advice.